We were honored to make our swan song festival appearance for High Heels & Hoodoo at the Reedy Reels Film Festival in Greenville, SC. We were excited not only because it was the festival’s inaugural year, but also because we got to end our festival run in our home state. Unfortunately, Jocelyn was not able to make it, but our sister Joanna was there to keep Brian company.
Brian and Joanna at Reedy Reels Film Festival
Also of note, the festival took place just one week shy of the four-year anniversary of that cold October weekend in St. Lawrence Cemetery when we filmed High Heels & Hoodoo. How could that possibly have been four years ago?!?
Being the first year for the Reedy Reels Film Festival, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we were really impressed with the crowd that gathered to watch the films in our block. It’s always fun to watch short films, but our block was special because it featured shorts made by SC Filmmakers. And since all of the filmmakers were in the audience, it made for a great Q&A session afterwards. From robots and hoodoo, to robberies and murder, the films in our block were a lot of fun!
Brian answering questions at Reedy Reels Film Festival
Another highlight of the festival was running into Ron and Rebecca Tucker. They are the dynamic duo responsible for the amazing Beaufort International Film Festival, and it was great catching up with them.
The Reedy Reels Film Festival staff did an excellent job launching their festival, and we were honored to be a part of it. We see great things on the horizon for them based on the attendance levels and quality of films in their inaugural year!
And now that High Heels & Hoodoo has officially finished it’s festival run, we are planning to release it online. And what day is better for releasing a spooky movie set in a graveyard than Halloween? So join us each day this week as we share other aspects of High Heels & Hoodoo as part of the countdown to the big online premiere on October 31st!