When it comes to making low budget films, especially shorts, you end up depending on the kindness of friends and family to get you through.  We already gushed about our amazing family, so it’s time to tip our hats to our friends. Steve and Kathleen Fox having fun serving coffee. Photo by Joanna Rish

First up we have Jocelyn’s writing buddy Kathleen Fox.  In our first scene, Tiffany pulls up in a fancy car, but we didn’t think Jocelyn’s fifteen-year-old Saturn or Brian’s Prius would be the type of car our rich party girl would drive.  So we put out a call for help on facebook, and while we had several people offer cars or suggestions about where to look (thank you!), the one that worked out from a timing standpoint was a friend of Kathleen’s.  Emma Souder has a sporty convertible and was willing to let us kidnap it for the entire night.  Emma, you saved our bacon – thank you so much! 

Making the deal even sweeter, Kathleen volunteered to get the car to and from the cemetery, so we didn’t have to worry about it.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Kathleen manned the craft services table on Saturday night to give our parents a break.  She even dragged her poor husband Steve into it, and we are so thankful they were willing to spend the night in a chilly graveyard to keep the coffee and snacks flowing. 

John Reynolds making the shot pretty. Photo by DiDi HendleyThen there are the friends (both old and new) involved as professionals on the production.  They all agreed to work for below their usual fees, yet still bent over backwards to make this an awesome short.  We’ve talked about all of them in previous posts, and we are so grateful for everything they have done, although we did want to give our DP John Reynolds an extra shout out.  Not only did he make the graveyard look awesome on camera, but because John has been involved with the camera/lighting for seemingly every project filmed in Charleston, he had the contacts to help us get the equipment and manpower we needed.  The most beneficial of these contacts was High Output, Inc. – not only did they give us great deals on equipment, they also let us film a scene in their warehouse.  The flashback scene needed to be filmed inside, and since High Output was just around the corner from St. Lawrence, it was the perfect place.  It would have been tough to pull this off without the generous help of both John and High Output, so thank you very much! 

And lastly, we want to thank all of you who have been so supportive – asking about our progress and wishing us well.  Your enthusiasm helps keep us energized. 

And now we should probably stop with the thank yous before the music starts to play us off the stage!