When we were invited to screen High Heels & Hoodoo at the DC Shorts Film Festival, they asked us to send a quick introduction saying who we were and where we were from. Of course we decided we had to film our intro in a graveyard for that proper ambience. 
Because we’re not great on camera (okay, that’s mostly Jocelyn), it took many, many, many takes. During one of them, Jocelyn noticed a small orange light on the screen that she swears was not there during any of the previous takes. It appeared to be hovering right over their heads, so of course she thought it was a ghost. Brian quite rudely dismissed her concerns. Then during that take, strange things happened off screen, vindicating Jocelyn’s ghostly concerns.
So for today’s countdown to the big online release of High Heels & Hoodoo on Halloween, we’re sharing the silly outtake. Have fun laughing at us!
And make sure to come back tomorrow for THE BIG HALLOWEEN PREMIERE!!!