We still can’t believe it’s already been four years since our amazing cast and crew shivered for two nights in a Charleston cemetery as we filmed High Heels & Hoodoo. We’ve been very lucky to play festivals around the country (and even one in Canada), but now we’re ready to share our film with the entire internet. Or at least as many people as we can persuade to watch it. And it’s free, so hopefully that will help lure people to our spooky film. 
Word of mouth is really important for short films, so please share High Heels & Hoodoo with your friends and family: email the link to people you think will enjoy it, and share the link on Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social networking sites you use. We will be very, very grateful!
We really appreciate all the support our family, friends, and fans have given us as we made High Heels & Hoodoo and participated in film festivals. Thank you so much!!
Now go grab some popcorn or a chocolatey snack and enjoy the show!!!