We have to admit we have been a bit … slack about keeping the blog updated. But on the bright side, that gives us fun stuff to post about in the countdown to the big online release of High Heels & Hoodoo on Halloween.
Today’s fun stuff is the poster for High Heels & Hoodoo made by Will Bryan.
High Heels and Hoodoo Poster
Will was our first assistant director and production designer for the film, but he’s also a super talented artist. He made the awesome cat poster for Saying Goodbye, and he offered to make the poster for High Heels & Hoodoo as well. We LOVED what he came up with – the eye-catching red shoe with the subtle graveyard inside. So cool! We used it in our press kit, business cards, and other promotional material. We’re just sorry it took us so long to share with our fans. Hope you like it as much as we do!